Outdoor Sport Channel®

Global Outdoor Sports Television®

Outdoor Sport Channel® is a Full 24 hour Global Sports Television Network. Outdoor Sport Channel® has a 24/7 English/American presentation and includes immediately a English voice over presentation incase of International programming or Interview and highlights. Outdoor Sport Channel® can be provided, to any country, in its own language with audio dubbing or subtitles.

Most companies look at television commercials as an advertising vehicle for "the other guy." The corporate giant. The big business with lots of disposable cash. In fact, Outdoor Sport Channel® is a very affordable television medium that can increase your company's profits greatly.

We reveal connections between stories across multiple platforms on outdoorsportchannel.com and the Outdoor Sport Channel® TV Network, best demonstrating Outdoor Sport Channel® global reach to today`s consumer. The Outdoor Sport Channel® brand can expand the opportunities for advertisers to access a broader audience that always has Outdoor Sport Channel® within their reach.

TV Ads:
No matter who you're trying to reach, you'll find plenty of opportunities on Outdoor Sport Channel® Ten- to 60-second commercials and billboarding.

Direct Response TV Ads:
Generate immediate response from your prospects by using these "Call now!" ads to attract attention.
TV commercials of various lengths (15 seconds to 30 minutes) designed to create interest and demand in a product and turn that interest into an immediate, impulsive sale.

If you've got a product that lends itself to a (live) demonstration, you may want to think about infomercial advertising. Half-hour TV commercials that are very similar in appearance to a news program, talk show or other non-advertising format and that provides consumers with in-depth information on a product or service.

Online and Mobile ads:
Full banner, Skyscraper, Leaderboard, rectangle, Expandable, Roadblock, ScreenAd, billboarding and pre-roll video`s.

Our International sales department:
From serval offices, and our affiliates around the world, our International sales team can support and advise local or International advertising Brands with targeted and adapted advertising campaigns. Outdoor Sport Channel®`s technical delivery infrastructure allows advertisers to insert TV ads per region or country or International wide. 5”,10”,20”,30” and 60" commercials, bill boarding, Non spot, sponsoring and spot advertising.

Contact our Ad-Sales department today about your television advertising opportunities: advertising(at)outdoorsportchannel.com  or contact us. 



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