Outdoor Sport Channel®

Global Outdoor Sports Television®

Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is simply Unique. 24/7 airing only the best international outdoor, action, summer & winter sports programming, including the latest international sports news. Highlighting all international Football Leagues, F1, Car racing, NASCAR, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Golf, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field and all regular programming related sports news.

FC Bayern Munich studio presented NEWS video segments, covering FC Bayern`s latest exclusive news, behind the scenes/community, interviews, skills, training and matches.
In addition promotional programming i.e. specials, cup celebrations and more.

Outdoor Sport Channel® has full 24/7 English language programming and includes English voice over and subtitling incase of foreign language programming.  

Our programming is EPG (Electric Program Guide) supported;
Presse-Programm Service (pps), Media-Press TV, AKPA, TMS, Rovi Data or any 3rd party EPG date service provider.

Outdoor Sport Channel® broadcasts 30, 60, 180 and 240 minute complete programming including Live events from around the world.     

For real time programming; ask us or view the EPG via your local TV operator or EPG service provider.